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Important message:

RPA will begin using Lands' End for our uniform supplier. Uniform requirements and the link to Lands' End will be added to this page very soon.

RPA DRESS CODE (Revised May 2020)

The school’s dress code contributes in a very important way to the overall identification of Royal Palm Academy. The dress code enhances student morale and the learning environment. It creates a positive atmosphere, adds a sense of pride and unity, and reduces negative competition among the students. Royal Palm Academy students are expected to wear their uniform in a manner that portrays a positive and modest self-image, conveys personal neatness and cleanliness, and demonstrates an attitude of excellence in performance and achievement.

All students are expected to be in the full appropriate and seasonal uniform each day. The uniform code is to be respected outside of designated school hours. The Royal Palm Academy uniform is only to be worn for designated school-related activities outside school hours.

Student uniforms may be purchased from the RPA main office. Each uniform piece should be carefully labeled with the student’s name.

The school’s dress code is maintained throughout the day.

A breach of the dress code includes:

Incomplete or mismatched uniform This includes uniform pieces not purchased from our supplier.

Use of makeup, hair, jewelry, and accessories beyond the criteria below

Unwashed, unkempt, or inappropriately styled hair according to criteria below

Unclean or inappropriate dress

Including, but not limited to, untied shoes, untucked shirts, rolled skirts, socks improperly worn

Any student who is not in proper physical education uniform will not be permitted to participate in physical education class and will receive a zero grade for that class.


Click the links below for additional information:

Uniform Requirements

Shoe Requirements

Refer to the 2020-21 Parent-Student Handbook for more detailed information regarding the proper requirements for the RPA uniform.

Spirit Wear and Dress Down Days

Excerpt from the 2020-21 Parent-Student Handbook