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Paul Todd, Sr., Paul Todd, Jr., & wife Kat, and Baby Penelope (Penny) are seen here with Scott J. Baier, Head of School, after being presented with a check from the RPA community of students, parents, faculty, and staff. Over $2,000 was raised during Catholic Schools Week through a fundraiser aptly titled, Penny Wars! While visiting, Paul Todd, Jr. led our students through a couple of songs, one being, Jesus Loves You! God bless Baby Penny and her family on her "crazy train" to recovery! To help Baby Penelope (Penny) please go to Baby Penny's Go Fund Me.


Mr. Baier, Head of School, led the students, faculty, and staff in a prayer over Baby Penelope


100% of the proceeds was donated to Baby Penelope (Penny) Lagergren

 Some of you know that, unfortunately, on February 15, Paul, Jr.’s, 18-month-old daughter, Penelope (Penny), ventured her way out of their back screen door at their home in Naples, Florida.  She wandered into their backyard where she tumbled into the lake behind their home and nearly drowned.  When they found her, she was faced down in the water and unresponsive.  She was discovered to be in full cardiac arrest before doctors were finally able to find a pulse and bring her back.  Since then, she has been fighting for her life at Golisano Children’s Hospital in Fort Meyers.  Almost miraculously, Penny is now off the ventilator and is taking steps towards what they hope and pray will be a full recovery.  There is no way of knowing how long that may take, what her long term quality of life will be like, or what treatments will or will not be covered by insurance.
            Please keep Penny and Paul in your prayers.  Updates on Penny’s condition can be found on Paul’s Facebook page (  Paul has been doing periodic fundraiser performances, and he has organized a Go Fund Me page that can be found at