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We are pleased to announce that we are now allowing lunch delivery from outside vendors! Breads and Spreads will, of course, continue as usual and be available throughout the year. Lunches may be delivered or dropped off by the parent at the main office. 

This will also include birthday treats! Birthday treats may be ordered from an outside vendor or homemade. Soul Flours will continue to be an option for treats and can be arranged by contacting Breads and Spreads. We ask that you continue to follow the classroom birthday policy which can be found here on the RPA website or in the Parent-Student Handbook. Birthdays will be celebrated once a month, preferably on the first Friday of each month. Room moms will help coordinate the birthday celebrations with the classroom teachers. Please remember, all treats that will be shared with the class will need to be individually wrapped. 

More importantly, please remember to follow the "Nut Restrictive Policy*" which can be found in our Parent-Student Handbook (P.43). (See below). If your classroom teacher alerts you that your class has a "Higher Exposure Risk", then all nut products will be restricted from that classroom.  Classes that are in a "Lower Exposure Risk" will still need to be extra vigilant about having nuts/nut products in the classroom. Any questions should be directed to the classroom teacher, school nurse, or administration.


*PEANUT / TREE NUT AWARE/RESTRICTED CAMPUS Food allergies can be life-threatening. Royal Palm Academy is committed to offering safe educational environments for all students including students with food allergies. A cooperative effort between students, parents, physicians, and school staff members can help minimize risks. Royal Palm Academy is a Peanut / Tree Nut Aware school because of the sensitivity that some children present toward those foods. Depending on the severity of allergy any student may have, we will work in collaboration with the family and the pediatric allergist to implement precautions and procedures to protect the child. Royal Palm has two general categories that currently are used to a building’s nut handling level, these include: Lower Exposure Risk: Nut Awareness level (i.e. a nut-free table in the eating area, or a nut-free classrooms/buildings if necessary, extra hand-washing) Higher Exposure Risk: Nut Restricted level (i.e. attempt to restrict access of all nuts into the classroom/building at all times, all parent) 



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Here are some reminders when ordering:

Further Clarification on Rolling Lockout: 

To clarify on our ordering policy, the rolling lockout takes effect 11:59 PM EST two full days prior to the day of delivery. For Example: 

i.e. If you would like school lunch delivered on Thursday, your order must be placed by Monday night 11:59 PM EST 

i.e. If you would like school lunch delivered on Friday, your order must be placed by Tuesday night 11:59 PM EST 


** We will be sending weekly reminders via email for ordering each Friday for the upcoming week! **

Birthday Treats


Birthdays will be celebrated on the First Friday of each month. Room moms will help coordinate the birthdays!


"Soul Flours" is a Baker/Culinary Duo that works out of the same kitchen as Breads & Spreads. Lonna & Amy specialize in baked treats and are well versed in baking for specific allergies (Dairy free, Nut Free, etc.)

Since the baking is done in the same kitchen as Breads & Spreads, under the same safety protocols, and delivered to the RPA campus by Breads & Spreads, we are confident the integrity of our safety protocols can be maintained.

Parents interested in this option may contact Breads & Spreads. They will put you in touch with Soul Flours and payment can be arranged directly with Soul Flours.

EMAIL: Breads & Spreads