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Royal Palm Academy is Forming Leaders

We are teaching the mind, educating the heart, and forming the character of tomorrow’s leaders. Before Royal Palm Academy graduates leave our campus, they will have the strength of their faith, academics, community, and character to support them in pursuing their dreams and life goals.
PRM Students Praying


Future graduates have a deeper understanding of their Catholic faith and strive to develop their spirituality and conscience further. They appreciate the importance of having Christ in their lives, the value of daily prayer, and engage in the sacraments.

RPA Teacher Helping out an RPA Student with their Academics


Once Royal Palm Academy students graduate, they are creative and independent thinkers who can clearly express themselves both orally and in writing. As lifelong learners with multiple interests, students are tech-savvy and have the tools and skills to reach their maximum potential.

RPA Students Participating in a food drive


Royal Palm Academy graduates take pride in fostering community spirit, service, and patriotism. They are globally minded, value diversity, and deeply respect our natural environment. Our students understand and cherish the act of charity.

RPA Students Having Fun in class


As future leaders, graduates have strong leadership skills, life skills, social etiquette, and character foundation to help them adapt to change and meet challenges. They are respectful and confident role models, positive changemakers, and honest and curious intellectuals.