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Spanish as an Academic Subject

Our students, from pre-K3 to 8th grade, engage in learning the Spanish language each day, every day. By learning and increasing their fluency in another language, our students are opening themselves up to understanding and communicating with more people worldwide.

Our approach to teaching Spanish goes beyond listening and repeating by providing students with an active and authentic learning experience. Students become immersed in the language, making it meaningful and usable to them. The language is broken down into small increments so students can build upon their knowledge throughout the years. Additionally, we connect their learning to other academic subjects like math and science to enhance their understanding of the language and further develop their ability to think and converse in Spanish.

During their early education, we focus on vocabulary development and identifying letters, numbers, and pronunciation. Classes begin with morning prayers and the pledge in Spanish, with a review of phonetic sounds and foundational elements using fun activities like games and songs.

As your child’s education progresses, their knowledge and comfort with the Spanish language increases. By fourth grade, students will begin verbal conjugation and learning the thematic units of the language. We use the Total Physical Response (TPR) model of language acquisition, where students will participate in role-playing to apply what they have learned, as well as gain confidence in moving while conversing in Spanish. This method prepares students to use the language in real-life situations and integrates it into their life.

When children learn another language, we are expanding their world and the opportunities available to them. We encourage them to aspire to something greater, broadening their ability to communicate with and help others and impacting their future as leaders. Today’s effort will equal tomorrow’s success.

Royal Palm Academy stuedents doing fun activities in class