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Early Childhood Learning at Royal Palm Academy

Pre-kindergarten education is more than preparing your child for kindergarten. At Royal Palm Academy, we are beginning to shape the foundation of your child’s lifelong love of learning, curiosity, acceptance, and faith. As they start their academic journey, we are helping children form educational, social, and general life skills that will successfully set them up for their future. Through play, fun, games, and exploration, we encourage your child’s imagination and build their confidence in themselves. By providing our students with positive experiences today, we are preparing them for a future where they can achieve their goals and thrive.

Pre-Kindergarten 3

Students in our Pre-K3 program at Royal Palm experience hands-on activities where they can explore and learn concepts that will impact their development. As your child’s first introduction to academic education, we are dedicated to fostering an environment of fun, curiosity, and happiness. During the year, your child will:

  • Build pre-literacy skills by learning the alphabet, rhymes, listening, and answering questions 
  • Develop early math concepts with counting, matching shapes, learning patterns, and the basics of time and money 
  • Experience and discover nature through walks, gardening, observing plant and insect life, and discussing the weather 
  • Recognize the beauty of God’s creations, the importance of families and caring for one another, and learning about God’s love 
  • Practice life skills such as problem-solving, sharing, communication, participation, and responsibility

Sample Pre-K3 Cirriculum

Young Royal Palm Academy students enjoying the playground
Young Royal Palm Academy students happy to go to class

Pre-Kindergarten 4

Our Pre-K4 program reinforces your child’s base knowledge while introducing new academic concepts. Throughout the school year, your child will have opportunities to apply their knowledge, analyze information, develop their critical thinking, and nurture their imagination. Our center-based approach continues to encourage your child’s learning through play and fun activities. The curriculum for pre-K4 students includes:

  • Starting phonemic awareness, improving listening skills, and mastering writing their names 
  • Growing their knowledge of numbers when it comes to counting, money, time, and dates 
  • Introduction to concepts of citizenship, community, and history 
  • Developing their awareness of the seasons, animals, plants, weather, outer space, and the five senses 
  • Cultivating a deeper understanding of God’s love, the life of Jesus Christ, and the spirit virtues.

Sample Pre-K4 Curriculum