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Grades K - 2

Education for Young Students

We recognize that as your child enters Kindergarten, they are also entering a period of substantial growth. At Royal Palm Academy, we meet your child where they are at to help them progress academically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually in a safe and fun learning environment. Your child is becoming more aware of the world around them, and we are here to support them by building on their knowledge, challenging them with new concepts, and bolstering their self-confidence.


While Kindergarten is a more structured learning environment, children will experience a fun, hands-on approach to learning that will inspire their curiosity, engage their imagination, and encourage critical thinking. Your child will be introduced to classroom rules, homework, and grades, which promotes responsibility and accountability. Our Kindergarten curriculum focuses on:

  • Reading comprehension and spelling 
  • Writing and critical thinking skills 
  • Problem-solving and math applications 
  • Increased learning in science and social studies 
  • Deeper understanding of Christianity

Sample Kindergarten Curriculum

Royal Palm Academy stuedents doing fun activities in class
Royal Palm Academy student reading a book to their class

1st and 2nd Grade

Grades 1 and 2 are a significant time for children as they are accelerating as learners, asking more questions, and wondering about the world around them. At Royal Palm Academy, our curriculums for this age group encourage this time of discovery and limitless possibilities with an educational environment that promotes safety, patience, and objectivity. Students can grow academically and spiritually while embracing their individuality and collaborating with their peers. Our robust curriculums continue to build on their knowledge of language arts, history, science, and religion.

  • Starting phonemic awareness, improving listening skills, and mastering writing their names 
  • Growing their knowledge of numbers when it comes to counting, money, time, and dates 
  • Introduction to concepts of citizenship, community, and history 
  • Developing their awareness of the seasons, animals, plants, weather, outer space, and the five senses 
  • Cultivating a deeper understanding of God’s love, the life of Jesus Christ, and the spirit virtues.

Sample Curriculums

1st Grade Curriculum2nd Grade Curriculum

Grades 3 - 5

Education for Older Students

As our students advance through elementary school, they grow in maturity, develop their analytical and critical thinking skills, and deepen their social connections. Our rigorous curriculums for our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders continue to push them academically and spiritually by encouraging them to expand their knowledge and explore new interests. Students thrive in a learning environment that celebrates their achievements and helps them learn from their mistakes. We empower them to flourish as leaders, collaborators, and decision-makers by building their confidence and trust in themselves.