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The Virtue of Magnanimity

Also known as Benevolence


DEFINITION OF Magnanimity: 

Seeking with confidence to do great things in God; literally “having a large soul”


  • Having an awareness of the goodness of God in yourself
  • Complimenting someone else when you wanted to be recognized
  • Offering every action to God for His glory
  • Making sacrifices for God
  • Seeking with confidence to do great things for God


  • At baptism, I received God’s grace and became His child.
  • You did a great job! Congratulations!
  • All for the greater glory of God! Jesus, offer this day to you.
  • I want to do great things for God. I will make that sacrifice.
  • Mother Mary, I want to love Jesus with all my heart like you did.



Disciple of Christ – Education in Virtue® is dedicated to assisting schools in restoring the classical Catholic teaching of virtue into its culture. These resources were developed by experienced teachers for use in any classroom.  They are practical, intuitive, and will provide a common language that can be used by the entire school, transforming and unifying the entire community.