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The Virtue of Patience 


DEFINITION OF Patience: Bearing present difficulties calmly


  • Bearing your own difficulties
  • Waiting in line for lunch
  • Raising your hand and waiting calmly for the teacher to answer your question
  • Raising your hand and waiting for Sister to call on you
  • Waiting without complaining


  • Jesus, I trust in You! I will not complain.
  • I will wait my turn. I will not push or cut ahead in line.
  • I will raise my hand and wait for my teacher to call on me.
  • I will wait for my turn.
  • I will wait for you.


Disciple of Christ – Education in Virtue® is dedicated to assisting schools in restoring the classical Catholic teaching of virtue into its culture. These resources were developed by experienced teachers for use in any classroom.  They are practical, intuitive, and will provide a common language that can be used by the entire school, transforming and unifying the entire community.