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Additional Academic Programs at Royal Palm Academy

At Royal Palm Academy, we are increasing the standard of private education by enriching our students' academic education. All levels of students participate in our art, music, and technology programs at least once a week to broaden their intellectual, spiritual, and emotional development. We encourage our students to embrace their creativity and explore their interests so that they may grow into confident and thoughtful leaders.

Once students enter 5th grade, they join our Exploratorium program, which gives them a more in-depth education on each subject. Students will work together on large projects to help them discover new ways of thinking, grow their team-building and leadership skills, deepen their empathy, and celebrate their individuality.

Art Program

Art education allows students to be creative while developing skills that will bolster their confidence and support their ability to learn. By encouraging them to be creative and use their imaginations, younger students are improving their sensory and motor skills, as well as fortifying their problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. As students progress, they are introduced to new mediums and are encouraged to try and explore new methods and equipment to develop as artists. Along the way, they will learn color theory, art history, and art appreciation to gain a deeper understanding of the power of art and its impact on religion. We want students to take pride in their work and encourage them to share their work with others by displaying their artwork in the ‘Royal Gallery’ on campus or entering community art contests.

Royal Palm Academy stuedents doing fun activities in class
Royal Palm Academy students performing a music concert

Music Program

Our music program goes beyond learning about different instruments. Students learn how to read music, study composers and their musical styles, and discover the value of music in their lives, the world, and their faith. At Royal Palm Academy, where exploring art by sound. Children begin their music education by learning to feel rhythm through dancing and song. From there, they are introduced to instruments like drums, the keyboard, the ukulele, and the guitar. As their music education progresses, students learn about chord progression, melodies and harmonies, tempos, and music direction. In the Exploratorium stage, students are encouraged to be more creative through writing their own music and work together collaboratively by composing musical scores and exploring sound effects. By sharing God’s gift of music, we inspire students to pursue their talents, cultivate their passions, and enjoy the world around them.

Technology Program

The use of technology continues to grow in the modern world, and it’s essential that our children understand its benefits, how it can impact the future, and how to be safe. The technology program at Royal Palm Academy goes beyond keyboarding and working on laptops; students learn the basics of programming so they can adapt and respond to new technologies. Young students learn to think creatively in a team by using problem-solving skills to construct small engineering projects. We also work with them to advance their computer skills by teaching them coding and having them become familiar with different programs, like Microsoft. Our third-grade students are given a personal email address that stays with them through school, so they learn good digital citizenship, understand how to behave safely and responsibly online, and how to interact with others with kindness. The older students in the Exploratorium program work in teams on larger projects in robotics, game design, solar power, 3-D coding for 3-D printing, and engineering. The skills they learn here will prepare them beyond high school. Royal Palm Academy graduates are tech savvy and know they can accomplish their goals. 

Royal Palm Academy student using technology to do schoolwork
Royal Palm Academy teacher helping a student in class

Resource Program

At Royal Palm Academy, we see each child as an individual and meet them at their level. We understand that everyone thinks, feels, and learns differently, and our Resource Program is here to give students with identified needs the support to succeed academically, socially, spiritually, and emotionally. If we notice that your child is experiencing difficulties, our teachers will reach out to your family and put you in touch with qualified physicians to perform testing. Once a doctor’s recommendations have been received, our faculty collaborates with parents to implement a support plan. The Resource Program team works with your child every day so they can access the guidance, tools, and strategies they need to improve and progress in their education.

Our approach is focused on comfort, fun, and understanding. We want students to love learning, so we celebrate each achievement and check in with them daily. The result is a child that enjoys coming to school, has the confidence to succeed, and can connect and work with others.