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Royal Palm Academy Strategic Priorities

To be the premier Catholic educational institution, fostering academic excellence, faith formation, and leadership development through Apostolic Leadership.
Royal Palm Academy partners with our families to provide an education of rich academics with Catholic formation. We teach the mind, educate the heart, and form the character of tomorrow's Apostolic Leaders.
Core Values

Faith, Excellence, Community, Integrity, Service

Strategic Priorities at Royal Palm Academy

1) Elevate, Protect, and Embolden the Catholic Identity and Mission of Royal Palm Academy


Fortify the enduring legacy of our school and founders by ensuring a transformative encounter with Jesus Christ for our students and families. We are committed to forming the Apostolic Leaders of tomorrow, equipped to lead in a world in need of moral and virtuous decision-makers.

Key Strategies:
  • Deepened Faith Formation: Develop comprehensive faith formation programs for educators, parents, and students, anchoring our community in the teachings of the Catholic Church and fostering personal encounters with Christ.
  • Spiritual Vitality: Strengthen partnerships with local Catholic churches, particularly Saint John the Evangelist Church, to provide regular spiritual guidance, sacraments, and a profound sense of belonging.
  • Integrated Curriculum: Seamlessly weave Catholic values and teachings into the academic curriculum, nurturing a holistic formation of intellect and spirit.

2) Attract and Cultivate an Exceptional Community of Apostolic Educators at Royal Palm Academy


Draw forth extraordinary educators who are not just teachers, but visionaries, molding hearts and minds to embrace a mission that shapes lives and the world. Our teachers are the catalysts of our mission and the cornerstones of our community.

Key Strategies:
  • Competitive Compensation: Offer a competitive compensation package that acknowledges the high cost of living in Naples, making it feasible for exceptional educators to join our community and flourish.
  • Robust Professional Growth: Provide ongoing opportunities for comprehensive professional development and faith-based formation, empowering educators to shape minds and hearts with excellence.
  • Recruitment Excellence: Introduce the "Saint John Bosco Outstanding Educators Initiative," a beacon calling experienced Catholic educators to Naples, offering the chance to join a world-class team of passionate Apostolic Leaders.

3) Realize a Visionary Master Site Plan and Capital Campaign for an Enduring Home of Apostolic Learning


Secure a stable, resilient campus that supports our growth trajectory, safeguards our physical space from adverse weather, and becomes a model of safety, fostering optimal learning and growth.

Key Strategies:
  • Forward-Thinking Campus Planning: Engage in visionary master site planning to design a campus that accommodates growth and mitigates the impact of dangerous weather events, ensuring a resilient and secure learning environment.
  • Impactful Capital Campaign: Collaborate with CCS Fundraising to execute a comprehensive capital campaign, securing the resources necessary to create an enduring home for Apostolic Learning that will serve generations to come.
  • Epitome of Safety: Prioritize safety as we develop our campus, aiming to become the “safest school in America,” fostering an environment where students can flourish without compromise.

This strategic plan delineates our path to becoming a nationally recognized Catholic educational institution. Through these initiatives, Royal Palm Academy will continue to stand as a beacon of faith, academic excellence, and community engagement, shaping Apostolic Leaders who will transform our world.