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Teaching the Mind

The faculty and staff at Royal Palm Academy are committed to providing a safe, comfortable environment where our students have the freedom to be themselves, seek out their curiosities, and discover the joy of learning. While our curriculum is robust and challenging, our goal is to lift children so they have the confidence to reach for their goals. Our educators partner with parents to meet the individual needs of each child. Additionally, we have resources available to support students academically, socially, spiritually, and emotionally. The result is a lifelong learner with the knowledge and motivation to succeed.

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Royal Palm Academy students participating in class

Educating the Heart

At Royal Palm Academy, we believe that the power of education frees children to ask questions, cultivate their wonder, and follow their passions. We are developing humans who have eyes to see and ears to hear the existence of God in the good, joy, truth, and beauty in the world. Our faculty are focused on the human and spiritual formation of our students so that they become informed and thoughtful leaders.


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Forming the Character

By working together with parents, Royal Palm Academy is giving children a foundation for the lifelong skills they will need in adulthood. We inspire our students to use their creativity to solve problems and meet challenges. We motivate them to lead others with integrity and confidence in their faith and convictions. And we encourage them to serve others within their communities with kindness and openness. By providing a higher standard of education based on Catholic values, we are preparing future leaders for an unknown tomorrow.

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Royal Palm Academy students participating in class