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History of Royal Palm Academy

Established in 1998, Royal Palm Academy emerged with a distinctive vision rooted in Integral Formation—an educational philosophy dedicated to nurturing every facet of a child's growth. Founded by Carol and Patrick Moore, our journey was inspired by the profound idea of creating poised and virtuous leaders who could make a positive impact on their communities, families, and the world.

Patrick Moore's encounter with a young child deep in prayer before school in Atlanta, GA, sparked the vision for Royal Palm Academy. After visiting schools implementing Integral Formation in Atlanta and Dallas, TX, Patrick was driven to bring this transformative education to Southwest Florida. The dream began to take shape with planning meetings and collaborations, leading to the incorporation of Royal Palm Academy in 1998.

In the early years, our first campus was a modest setup of three trailers on a dusty field. With unwavering dedication, Carol Moore secured the site just in time for the inaugural school year, welcoming six students across three grades. The faculty, comprised of three teachers, a receptionist, and the Head of School, embarked on a journey that would see rapid growth and expansion.

By 2001, Royal Palm Academy quickly outgrew our original campus and moved to our current campus. In 2015, we achieved official recognition as an affiliated Catholic School in the Diocese of Venice, solidifying our commitment to Catholic education. A significant milestone came in 2016, with the opening of our first permanent building—a remarkable 15,000-square-foot multi-purpose gymnasium. Named in honor of our founders, Carol and Patrick Moore, this achievement was a testament to the collaborative spirit and generosity of our community. As we look ahead, Royal Palm Academy's vision includes further expansion, encompassing spaces dedicated to classrooms, athletics, the arts, and administration.

Throughout our journey, our central mission remains steadfast: to provide a comprehensive education that blends rigorous academics with Catholic formation. We're here to educate minds, nurture hearts, and shape the character of future leaders who will transform the world with their values, knowledge, and compassion.

Royal Palm Academy Students eating a snack in their classroom
Royal Palm Academy students enjoying lunchtime
Royal Palm Academy choir students
Royal Palm Academy Students standing behind their volleyball trophy
Royal Palm Academy Students group photo
Royal Palm Academy Students at Dahl Day 2022
Royal Palm Academy students standing in from of mother mary statue